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Fox News, July 15, 2014

“Fox News ~ Your World” – According to the Congressional Budget Office, if Washington continues to mishandle the growing US debt, “Our federal debt will surpass the size of our entire economy in twenty five years.”  Larry Glazer describes the path we are on as both “dangerous and costly”, and foresees the CBO’s statement as an early warning signal to tell us what the next financial crisis will look like.  He predicts the interest expense to finance the rising debt to rise more than double what it is today.  Washington has been raising taxes to pay off this debt, however Larry believes that a tax reform would help to bring money back into the economy.  If we can shrink the government, it will allow for growth and prosperity to return to the economy as was the situation twenty years ago.


CNBC, July 1, 2014

“Closing Bell” – Larry joins the broadcast to discuss the Dow Jones and its ascent to an all-time high of 17,000.  “The way I was raised, the more expensive something becomes, the less attractive it becomes”, announces Glazer. While it may seem great, Investors need to be cautious, as short term rates and volatility are at historic lows.  He describes it as an “eyes wide open market”, as investors are searching for value across the board.  This bull market is seen by some investors as the “most hated of all time”, and Larry feels that the rebalancing of portfolios is important when protecting investments from a market correction.


Fox News, June 23, 2014

“Fox News ~ Your World” – Larry joins Neil Cavuto in discussing President Obama’s workplace polices.  He notes that prices are soaring and people are working longer hours for less money to make up for these costs. “The last thing working families need in this country is another expensive government program that will benefit a few people, but be supported by the many” explains Glazer.  We have bigger issues like putting people to work and getting the economy going.  These concerns need to be addressed before we take on new government initiatives.


CNBC, May 30, 2014

“Closing Bell” – Larry Glazer joins the show to discuss the sticker shock that customers are facing at retail stores.  Inflation is evident in the grocery aisle, even in wholesalers such as Costco.   He adds that super stores such as Costco are a “reflection of what’s going on in the economy” and are even increasing membership prices at the expense of margins.   Unfortunately for main street consumers, The Treasury Inflated Protected Securities (TIPS) market is showing the likelihood of future inflation.  And with retail business contracting, companies are doing whatever they can to stay afloat.


CNBC, April 8, 2014

“Closing Bell” - Larry Glazer joins a panel of guests to discuss market indicators.  Investors should be concerned about earnings season and he feels that domestic growth is petering out.  Larry attributes the current bond and gold rally to the contraction of domestic growth.  As a result, he anticipates investors moving into emerging markets in order to seek value.


Fox News, April 7, 2014

“Fox News ~ Your World” – A recent survey has exposed that in 2014, Americans have spent more money on taxes, than food, clothing and housing.  Furthermore, Larry Glazer reveals that, “twenty-five percent of workers have less than $1,000 saved for retirement.”  This can be partially attributed to the growing burden of supporting our bureaucrats in Washington, in addition to the state and local levels.  Larry pleads that we “live within our means”, which requires saving and thoughtful spending.  While it may be easy to blame everyone else for your financial distress, it is most important to hold yourself personably accountable.


CNBC, April 4, 2014

“Closing Bell” – Larry Glazer is “not surprised at the performance of GrubHub”, in what he describes as a frothy IPO market.  He notes that the wide open IPO market is flooded with good and bad deals.  However, Larry exclaims that “valuation does matter!” when investing and in six to twelve months, today’s performance will be irrelevant.


Plan Sponsor Magazine, April 2014

“Benchmark Your Participants’ Plan” - Steve Dimitriou debates whether participants of 401(k) plans are really saving enough.  “Participation rate was the focus for the bulk of the past decade or more,” says Dimitriou. “Everybody is starting to realize, ‘Oh, it’s really about retirement income.’”  When analyzing a participant’s assets, he notes that “vendors are in a great position to provide plan-level detail on retirement readiness.”


Investment News, March 13, 2014

“Small retirement plan fiduciaries drowning in new fee disclosures” – John Wilcox disputes the length of fee disclosures mandated by the Labor Department.  “This extraneous effort is becoming more of a nuisance than anything else”, states Wilcox.   “Ours are two to three pages of essentials, describing the services…then there are seven additional pages – the legalese that goes with it.”  The lengthy disclosure forms have become a time consuming task for advisers, as they are responsible for consolidating the material and making it clear for plan sponsors.


Fox News, March 7, 2014

“Fox News ~ Your World” – Larry speaks on the recent addition of 175,000 jobs with host, Neil Cavuto.  He adds that the policies coming out of Washington pose the biggest threat on job growth and the economy as a whole.  Many of the jobs added in February are part-time, so the rise in data may appear better than it really is.  Larry describes it as a “bump-along” recovery, as we are still yearning for wage growth and higher quality jobs.


Fox News, February 10, 2014

“Fox News ~ Your World” – Larry joins “Your World” to discuss news of the French president planning to cut taxes and public spending.  France was once the poster child of failed socialist policies in the Euro Zone and is interestingly looking to the U.S. for inspiration.  He suggests, “Perhaps we (the U.S.) should listen to this” and learn that “it’s not too late to change failed policies.”


Bloomberg Radio, February 8, 2014

“The Larry Kudlow Show” – Larry Glazer joins the program to discuss the nation’s current economic activity.  He reacts to fed chair Janet Yellen’s recent decisions, noting that the recovery and taper are on track.   The Fed has begun to separate themselves from the business of supporting the economy over time.  Glazer assures us that this is what investors want to see, as we don’t want to use the Fed as a “backstop.”


CNBC, February 4, 2014

“Kudlow Report” – Larry Glazer is featured amongst a panel of experts to debate recent positivity in the market.  This is one of the most loved market corrections, and there could be more to go.  When asked how to play the market, he urges that investors “don’t buy what’s already overbought”, but rather look at what’s oversold.


CNBC, January 10, 2014

“Kudlow Report” – Larry discusses the recent job report and rally, stating, “The market had a surprisingly bullish reaction to what was surprisingly questionable data.”  He attributes the bond rally to Fed vice chair, Stanley Fischer, as the market looks at him as the “yin to Janet Yellen’s yang.”  Larry hopes that Fischer can release the pro-growth policies that he implemented during his tenure as governor of the Bank of Israel, which would be the “most bullish thing we’ve seen in a very long time.”  Fischer was successful in shrinking the government in Israel, which allowed for the private sector growth.


Fox News, January 8, 2014

“Fox News ~ Your World” – The new IRS chief is calling for more funding, despite an $11 billion budget and a hundred thousand employees.  Glazer explains that the IRS “Can’t make due and live within their own means”, which is a slap in the face to hard working Americans.  He suggests that the IRS fix what they have before they ask for additional funding.  The attainment of additional revenue would fundamentally result in the raising of taxes, something Americans fear.


CNN, December 23, 2013

“Out Front with Erin Burnett” – Larry discusses Target’s credit card breach, which happened just days before the busiest shopping season of the year.  Because of this crisis, Target will lose business to online vendors during the holiday season.  This loss of consumer confidence is likely to impact Target in both the short term, and long term, “giving the upper hand to many online retailers” says Glazer.


Fox News, October 8, 2013

“Fox News ~ Your World” – “Panic and fear” is reentering the market and Wall Street, as the debt ceiling continues to drag on.  Larry argues that the government needs to prioritize cash flow and make the debt a first priority.  “Washington has to have the stomach to make those difficult decisions”, implores Glazer.


CNN, August 30, 2013

“Out Front with Erin Burnett” – Larry discusses the historical uptick of gas prices during holiday weekends.  We have a “war premium” built into the price of oil, says Glazer, and drivers are currently seeing it spike due to conflict in Syria.  With four of the world’s leading oil producers involved in the conflict, a supply disruption would raise prices even higher for American drivers.


CNBC, July 12, 2013

“Closing Bell” – Despite a recent decline in the market, Larry Glazer anticipates economic growth and sparks interest in cyclical stocks.  The most important factor in economic cyclicality is oil prices, as they drive consumer behavior and inflation.


CNBC, June 14, 2013

“Kudlow Report” – Despite lousy consumer confidence numbers, Larry Glazer is excited about the domestic strength versus the global weakness.  He described opportunities within the energy and housing markets.  Because these investments are less impacted back by the Fed or the regulatory environment, they should overcome the global weakness.


CNBC, June 3, 2013

"Closing Bell" - Economic data has been inconsistent and inconclusive recently says Larry Glazer. He goes on to talk about where the markets may be headed and believes we need to see more strength and economic growth.


CNBC, May 15, 2013

"Closing Bell" - Larry Glazer refers to the markets as a wall of worry because of the conflicting signs in the markets.  He believes investors shouldn't be afraid to take a profit or transition their portfolios because there are lots of ares of opportunity ~ just cautions not to overstay your welcome in this volatile market.


CNBC, May 12, 2013

"Kudlow Report ~ How to Trade Come Monday" - Larry Glazer joins a panel discussion on how the economy and interest rates are affecting the markets, the U.S. dollar and the commodity markets.


CNBC, March 15, 2013

"Kudlow Report ~ Dow Snaps 10 Day Winning Streak" - Larry Glazer discusses the challenges that higher taxes and the increase in housing has on the markets.  He feels the markets volume doesn't show conviction.


CNBC, March 13, 2013

"Closing Bell" - Larry talks about how he would like to see a different type of conviction in the market, and calls it a "pass over rally" because the market has passed over large segments of the population.

CNBC, February 1, 2013

"Closing Bell ~ Dow Hits Milestone, What Next?" - Larry Glazer shares his insight on today's market rally while joining a panel on CNBC's "Closing Bell".  He says "milestones do matter; it gets investors re-engaged in the market."


CNBC, January 25, 2013

"Closing Bell ~ S&P 500 to 1700?” -  Larry Glazer joins a panel discussion and states that he doesn’t see the S&P topping 1700 in the next 12 months.  He is, however, optimistic that the bull market rally will continue with the help of the fed’s, but goes on to say they can't do it alone.


CNBC, January 3, 2013

“Stocks Weaken on Fed Minutes” - Larry Glazer reminds investors not to overreact to the market after a two day equity rally.  He cautions that changes in the fed policy could affect some equities that are volatile and interest rate sensitive.


CNBC, December 28, 2012

"Kudlow Report ~ Fiscal Cliff:  Deal or No Deal” - Larry Glazer is featured on the Kudlow Report where he discusses the lack of stability and consumer confidence in U.S. markets is giving competitors an advantage.  He goes on to say that “fiscal fear is becoming fiscal reality.”


Fox News, December 21, 2012

"Fox News ~ Your World" - The markets seem to be reacting to one of the biggest tax increases in American history.  Larry Glazer discusses the fragile economy and his apprehensions regarding the lack of concern Congress is demonstrating by leaving fiscal cliff issues untouched before running off on holiday vacation.


CNBC, December 6, 2012

"Closing Bell ~ Bullish Sentiment at 8-month Highs” - With the fiscal cliff fiasco looming less than one month away, Larry Glazer feels that the markets will see potential disastrous times ahead if a deal is not made in Washington.


Fox News, December 6, 2012

"Bulls and Bears ~ Tax Hike Threat Holding Back Job Creation” - Larry Glazer discusses his concerns with the new upcoming tax hikes.  He feels that a tax hike on small business owners trying to hire employees, or start a new business is not going to inspire the much needed  jobs or any confidence in growing their business.


Fox News, December 1, 2012

"Bulls and Bears ~ New Plan to Push Back ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Deadline” - Larry Glazer joins a panel where he discusses the potential damage already being felt by the uncertainty of “falling off the cliff”, and shares his thoughts on what impact short and long term “fixes” could mean to investors.


Wall Street Journal, November 18, 2012

“Stocks Diving Off the ‘Cliff’; Dow Down 7.5%” - Larry Glazer talks with Wall Street Journal about investors reactions to the tumbling Dow and how the fiscal cliff may affect their investments.


CNBC, October 30, 2012

“Sandy’s Market Impact” - The markets have been closed for 2 days because of Super Storm Sandy’s impact on the East Coast, and Larry Glazer points out that not only is it month end, but it is also yearend for mutual fund companies.  He feels that everyone will be scrambling to close their books and get everything done in one day.


CNBC, October 9, 2012

"Closing Bell" ~ Stocks Lower on 5th Anniversary of Dows All-Time High” - Larry Glazer is featured on CNBC where he discusses this bittersweet anniversary and trying to stay focused and positive.


Fox News, September 28, 2012

"Fox News ~ Your World" - Larry Glazer discusses how the markets have impacted the previous elections, and how the European markets are affecting our own markets today and the upcoming election.


CNBC, September 27, 2012

"Closing Bell" ~ Is Today’s Rally for Real?” - Larry Glazer joins a panel discussion on if the economic date is showing signs of weakness and the potential impact European markets are playing on US markets.


Fox News, September 8, 2012

"Bulls and Bears ~ Race For White House Boils Down To One Question” - Larry talks about the weak Jobs Report and the debate of the economy being “better off.”  He goes on to discuss the impact the workforce has in keeping pace with inflation.


CNBC, August 29, 2012

"Closing Bell" - Larry Glazer talks about how the European markets may have the potential to affect the volatility of our own markets in the fall.


Smart Money, July 31, 2012

"Bill Gross:  Stocks are a ‘Dying’ Asset" - Bill Gross, the distinguished billionaire bond investor, recently projected the possible death of stocks.  Declaring that “the cult of equity is dying” in his August investment outlook letter, he predicts adjusted returns of around zero for a diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds.  Larry Glazer responds, “These are great headline grabbers, but his crystal ball on equities is no better than anyone else’s.”  While the outlook may seem uncertain, there are still potential investment opportunities and reasons to remain optimistic.


Investment News, July 24, 2012

“Armed With Fee Info, Plan Sponsors Bailing on Service Providers” - In an article discussing the recent retirement plan fee disclosure rules, it is apparent the plan sponsors are already unhappy with the new costs.  Because of this mandate, many sponsors are switching over to less costly service providers.  John Wilcox comments, “Some record keepers are less prepared than others, and if the vendor isn’t ready, maybe the plan sponsor should look elsewhere.”


Fox News, July 21, 2012

"Bulls and Bears ~ Will More Stimulus Stimulate the Economy” - Despite countless efforts, the government has tried to stimulate the economy and Larry Glazer feels they have failed to do so; with a low success rate and many wasteful expenditures that could have been useful in other areas


The Wall Street Journal, July 18, 2012

“Yea! Home Prices are Hitting Bottom.  Now, the Bad News” - With mortgage rates reaching historic lows and the downward price spiral bottoming out, Larry Glazer suggests this could be an opportune time to consider buying a house.  He goes on to explain the challenge of being a seller is very difficult, especially homeowners nearing retirement, or those who have no choice but to sell right now.


Fox News, June 29, 2012

"Bulls and Bears" - Larry Glazer joins a panel to discuss the new Health Care Law’s potential effect on the economy.  He explains that the health care law, in addition to the regulatory environment and tax uncertainty could negatively affect small and medium sized businesses.

In the second segment, the group discusses the town of Stockton, California’s recent declaration of bankruptcy.  Glazer stresses that this is a prime example of what happens when you “spend more than you have.”

Mayflower Advisors, LLC does not provide tax or legal advice. 


Fox TV, June 18, 2012

Larry Glazer shares his thoughts of a recent poll; in which 75% of participants claimed to be afraid the “US could slip into a recession again.”  He offers his perspective, claiming that it’s the middle class who may suffer the most and be pessimistic and afraid of slipping back into a recession. 


Fox News, June 15, 2012

"Fathers Day Special" - Larry and Lloyd Glazer conduct a hot debate on whether or not one should consider investing in European stocks during the Euro debt crisis.  Larry starts off stating he feels that the weaker Euro makes their current valuation more attractive than US stocks.  Lloyd feels that investing in established US-owned stocks may be more appropriate to consider adding to a portfolio. 


CNBC, May 31, 2012

"Closing Bell" ~  ‘Good Riddance’ to May” Larry Glazer discusses the resiliency the markets have shown for this month and how investors are responding to the daily news coming from Europe. 


Fox News, May 15, 2012

"Your World with Neil Cavuto" -  With April retail sales down and expenses increasing, it appears that consumers are cutting back with less money to spend.  Larry Glazer comments that “even with the housing data stabilizing and gas prices lowering, consumers are nevertheless working more hours at a lower wage in order to compensate for the rising expenses”.  Larry expects this trend to remain in place in the approaching months and will be a challenging trend to break.


Fox Business, May 7, 2012

Larry Glazer comments on the current state of the European markets. While many investors may want to stay clear of Europe given the resilience of U.S. markets, Larry Glazer believes that Europe could become a viable opportunity for income and valuation in the market.  When asked whether he was scared about the possible raising of taxes on January 1st, Glazer comments that while corporate America may be resilient, “it may not be able to stomach the potential “Taxmaggedon” coming up at the end of the year.”

Investing in foreign securities presents certain risks not associated with domestic investments, such as currency fluctuation, political and economic instability, and different accounting standards. This may result in greater share price volatility.  Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network does not render legal or tax advice.


Fox News, May 2, 2012

"Your World with Neil Cavuto" -  Larry Glazer explains that the recent April ADP Jobs report missed expectations which could suggest that the labor market has regressed a bit from its pace earlier in the year.  Citing a “spring and summer slowdown” in private sector job growth, he believes that an extended slowdown in job growth could lead to less spending, less investing and less hiring by companies and consumers in the coming months.  All of which, Glazer adds, the economy needs more of in order to build a sustainable recovery.


The Wall Street Journal, May 2, 2012

"US Stocks End Mostly Lower As Hiring Report Adds To Concerns" -  Following a disappointing report on private job sector growth in the month of April, Larry Glazer was quoted in The Wall Street Journal, “Any way you slice it, it's still a troubling jobs report and it suggests the hiring trend is slowing.”  Glazer discussed the same topic on Fox TV's “Your World with Neil Cavuto” attributing the decrease in job growth to a reoccurring “spring and summer slowdown.”, May 2, 2012

"Fidelity Soloist Danoff carries $100 bln weight" -  In an article discussing Fidelity Investments’ Will Danoff and his management of over $100 billion in assets, Larry Glazer argues that “[Danoff] has proven his ability to manage a very large sum of money.”  Even though solo management of large funds could raise a red flag, Glazer respects that Danoff spreads his investments across hundreds of stocks. “If he begins to take big concentrated bets to put the money to work and outperform, I will get concerned” assures Glazer.


Boston Business Journal, April 13, 2012

"Hub’s large-cap companies roar back in Q1" -  In an article discussing the first quarters of many large-cap Massachusetts companies, Larry Glazer believes that many of the larger companies have been overlooked recently.  He acknowledges that large cap growth has been a sector of the market that has performed consistently in recent years.


Fox News, April 11, 2012

"Your World with Neil Cavuto" -  Larry Glazer explains that “corporate America is sitting on their highest level of cash in a generation.”  While this is may be a good thing for companies to withstand volatility, it could mute economic growth.  He believes companies are afraid to spend their cash because of uncertainty.  Glazer clarifies that the addition of new regulations such as the “Buffett rule” could inhibit growth.  Glazer feels that if we simplify current tax code and close loopholes we can inspire confidence in companies.  Consequently, these businesses can invest in the economy and hire more employees.

Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network does not render legal or tax advice.


CNBC, April 9, 2012

"Squawk Box" -  Larry Glazer comments on the recent and disappointing job growth reports, urging investors not to overreact.  He considers the most important matter to be how corporate America will react to this data and how that will affect corporate earnings.  He believes that investors began getting complacent after Q1 reports, and Glazer suggests that we need to be “vigilant going into corporate earnings season.”


Fox News, March 21, 2012

"Your World with Neil Cavuto" -  While the government may label the inflation issue in this country as “tame” or “transitory”, Larry Glazer feels that it is a “real and growing problem.”  With many food processing companies reporting the highest inflation in thirty years, Larry emphasizes that the problem is far from “tame”.   Glazer concludes that if we can begin to fix the national debt problem, we may be able to improve the inflationary issue and in turn help with food prices on Main Street., February 15, 2012

"Greek Austerity:  What Does it Mean for Investors?" -  Larry Glazer thinks that the Global stock markets are trying to look beyond Greece, and investors are desperately looking for good news.  The asset classes that performed poorly last year are “back in vogue”, but he feels that many investors are skeptical that once the enthusiasm wears off, the “execution of the austerity programs will be messy.”

Investing in foreign securities presents certain risks not associated with domestic investments, such as currency fluctuation, political and economic instability, and different accounting standards. This may result in greater share price volatility.

CNBC, February 8, 2012

Larry sees the bull market moving and states he is becoming “increasingly bullish.”  He feels the areas that were beaten up last year are seeing relative strength this year, and with investors desperate for returns they seem to be embracing the equity market.    He also sees how much money goes into so-called safe investments, but warns; investors can lose money in anything, there is no such thing as a risk-free return.  Larry goes on to say the bond market had a 20 year bull market, but now feels that after 10 years of doing nothing it’s the stocks turn.  “The bond market has been a great place to be,” says Larry, “but that was a 2011 and before story, not a 2012 story.”

Stocks offer long-term growth potential, but may fluctuate more and provide less current income than other investments.  Investing in fixed income securities involves certain risks such as market risk and credit risk.  All fixed income investments may be worth less than original cost upon redemption or maturity., January 20, 2012

“Fidelity’s Hired Guns Attract Lucrative Managed Accounts”- “Better diversification and more ideas come with outside managers being involved,” says Steve Dimitriou on managed accounts.  He goes on to discuss how working with one fund family can cause a repetition of ideas.

Independent money management may not be suitable for all investors.


Fox News, August 11, 2011

Larry joins a panel on Fox News to discuss the debt crisis and the U.S. downgrade by Standard and Poor’s.  Although he feels the government was slow to act, he says there is still hope for reform.  Rates are coming down rather than soaring, as some critics predicted.  Consumers have been deleveraging and saving more, which he states is not good for spending, but it is good for consumers and their well being.  Larry also adds that earnings have been relatively strong despite all of our current challenges., August 11, 2011

Larry discusses the U.S. Banking sector and the European banking crisis.  He feels investors are shying away from the banking sector and are concerned with bank volatility.

Investments that are concentrated in a specific sector or industry may be subject to a higher degree or market risk than investments that are more diversified.


Fox Business, August 9, 2011

Larry discusses how to be an opportunist in a down market.   He remains cautious and believes investors need to take a step back and look at the overall situation of the market; past and present; good and bad.  Larry sees plenty of opportunities and valuation in the current market conditions, and cautions investors to plan ahead.


Boston Business Journal, June 24, 2011

"Mayflower Sails On" - Mayflower Advisors discusses the role of independent advice in the  aftermath of the financial crisis. (CAR 0611-5434)

Please click to view article

"Boston Business Journal Article"


CNBC, June 24, 2011

“Kudlow Report” –Oil prices have fallen four straight weeks and stock prices have been down seven of the last eight weeks; Larry Glazer agrees that oil and stock prices usually rise and fall together, but sees a positive, bullish second half of the year.  Changes in the fed policy should change the stock/oil relationship, and he hopes a stronger dollar will prevail.  Larry believes investors may need to change their investment strategies because the “old ones” aren’t working right now.


CNBC, June 6, 2011

“Power Lunch” –“Expectations were set too high” says Larry Glazer.  Meanwhile analysts are lowering their market expectations to a more “normal”, achievable level for the second half of the year, and he is encouraged to find possible opportunities in the market.  Larry believes investors should have a more disciplined strategy and possibly could find values in “old tech” stocks and companies that are mature dividend producers.  


WRKO AM Boston Radio

“Lunch Money” – Larry Glazer discusses dividend paying stocks on midday money talk radio.  He says that investors, mainly retirees, are reluctant to invest, but they need the income.  They no longer receive high interest rates on certain fixed income investments and need to replace this somehow. Depending on investor’s risk tolerance, investing in utilities, energy and healthcare could be some dividend based choices that Larry suggests. Larry goes on to add that investors need to reinvest dividends to start rebuilding their portfolios, but he also cautions not to have too much money in one sector, including utilities, which could be sensitive to rising interest rates.

Dividends are not guaranteed and are subject to change or elimination.


CNBC, May 24, 2011

“Kudlow Report” – Larry is asked if Goldman Sachs saved the bulls when it raised its forecasts on oil prices, despite the fact that the overall markets closed down for the third day in a row while commodities including oil, gold, copper and silver all finished higher.  Larry cautions not to restructure your portfolio just because Goldman “said so”.  He also adds that this may not be a great environment for financials. , May 18, 2011

The Federal Reserve’s most recent policy meeting suggests the central bank will not be raising rates anytime, which has lead to a gain in the energy and basic materials stocks. Larry Glazer suggest that this move into the defenses may be somewhat “exaggerated at this point”.  “Investors are looking at the Fed and wondering if there’s something in Fed policy that could prompt them to change their strategy.  They’re also unsure if the economy is slowing down so that’s causing them to take a cautious attitude.”


CNBC, May 12, 2011

“Kudlow Report” – Where do people invest? Larry Glazer takes a defensive stand on the question and on the current market. He believes that those investors betting on a weak dollar could be playing with fire.  Energy prices could come back, giving risk/reward, but believes in sticking with more defensive areas like health care and utilities which could be less vulnerable and possibly allow investors to participate and stay “in the game”.

 Investments that are concentrated in a specific sector or industry may be subject  to a higher degree of market risk than investments that are more diversified.


CNBC, May 12, 2011

“Mid Morning Session” - Are you ready to retire? Do you feel your 401K is not up to par with your desires and needs? Steve Dimitriou may have the answer to what should NOT be in your 401K, gold. Gold, according to Steve, is already reachable in your S&P 500 stocks not to mention the potential of the historical high volatility of the commodity.


CNBC, May 2, 2011

“Squawk on the streets” – Markets open sharply after news of the killing of Osama Bin Laden.  Larry Glazer joins the morning show to discus the market. Larry suggests that investors may want to be “more defensive while still participating in this market.”


CNBC, April 21, 2011

"Kudlow Report" -There are pros and cons to the strong economic recovery, according to Larry Glazer. The good news is we see “impressive corporate earnings” in this &