What We Do

What We Do


Plan Assessment

Review goals and objectives of plan and progress toward them.


Full Disclosure Assistance

Assist committee and HR with review of all disclosures and filings.


Plan Design Review

Ensure that the design of your plan is driving the outcomes you desire.


Evaluate Current Technology and Service

Take inventory of current technology and service options and present solutions.


Fee and Service Benchmarking

Conduct inventory of plan service and fees.


Vendor Benchmarking & Search

We routinely benchmark vendor pricing and services every three years to ensure clients are receiving competitive services


Regulatory Adherence

  • Provide routine regulatory and industry-trend updates
  • Position as industry leader gives us unique insight
  • Position with ARA and NAPA gives access to DoL, Congress, and regulators
  • Member of several vendors' Advisory Councils, so we are aware of coming technologies
  • Investment Advisory Services and Protection

Investment Advisory Services and Protection

  • Customize a quantitative and qualitative investment review
    • Do not rely on vendor's conflicted suggestions
    • Provides practical Fiduciary protection vs. flimsy vendor "guarantees"